Your Foundation Statement

Getting to the Heart of the Matter 

Setting out the heart and soul of why you are in business and what you aim to achieve


At the forthcoming The NACUE conference (20-21 February: Click here), Pivomo will deliver a workshop focusing on the importance of your founder team developing a clear statement of your shared motivations, goals and values, set out in a compelling narrative:

Where you have come from?

Where are you now?

And where are you going?

The workshop will introduced founders, entrepreneurs and mentors to new online eLearning tools that makes these issues much easier to address.


  • The most important outcome is to ensure that they are addressing the major factors that can cause fragmentation and derailment early on. Founders don’t fall out over the design of website or the wireframe, but because they have power issues, communication breakdowns or value conflicts.  All these risks can be identified and mitigated early on through a good Foundation Statement


  • With the Foundation Statement, the founders can go into pitch meeting well prepared to address those deeper questions that relate to how they function as individuals and as a team. This reduces the likelihood of those garbled utterances trailing at the end of an otherwise convincing pitch.

Think investors will be wowed by fancy tech? Think that your unique differentiator is your latest wiz UX interface? Think again. Time and again start up founders are caught off guard by what Investors are most concerned about: You.

No matter what your business is, and no matter how much IP or technology is deployed, savvy investors know they are investing in the founder or founders of the venture. They are placing a bet on how this group of often young and inexperienced entrepreneurs can learn to work together, under conditions of volatile, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (V.U.C.A) and deliver long term value. Invariably, investors see beyond the prototype shown, and look to see the pipeline of products and services that can evidence substantial returns.

By using Pivomo’s eLearning platform, you will be supported every step of the way to develop a really strong founder team and be able to communicate this with evidence to investors. Click here to sign up


Dr. Andrew Atter,

Founder & CEO,