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Whether you are starting a new business, setting up a social enterprise or leading organizational change, Pivomo has a suite of online learning courses that enable you to learn flexibly and in-depth while you’re working on your project.

For Pivomo, online learning means more than simply posting videos on You Tube. Our courses use a blend of action/learning methods, with you in control of the process.

All our courses are designed according to several key principles:

  • Learner centric
  • Action-orientated
  • Distance / Online learning format
  • Blended approach
  • Critically reflective
  • Integrating assessment and feedback
  • Inclusive



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How To Sign Up

Currently, we offer three main courses in our Catalogue. All courses provide you with twelve months access to the materials. This means you can learn at your own pace. If you skip a module for any reason, you can repeat it later in the year when it is repeated. You can also phase the learning to match your project schedules, rather than having to meet an arbitrary timetable set by the course administrator. In many cases it takes  a while for results from your learning to flow through.

To sign up, follow the three simple steps:

  1. Select the chosen course from the top right box
  2. Set up your Pivomo account with your Course Code, and pay your deposit
  3. Access your online course via your Dashboard

Course Catalogue

Dynamiqe Start Up

More Info Here

This course is targeted at start-up founders, social entrepreneurs and change leaders, who are planning and leading new entrepreneurial initiatives. It will address your own development needs as a founder, but will also cover areas such as innovation, team building, funding and execution.

Dynamiqe Mentor

More info here

The Dynamiqe Mentor Accreditation Programme (DMAP) course provides training and accreditation for mentors, coaches and advisors working with start ups, social enterprises and high growth companies. It provides a foundation is using Dynamiqe as a tool for mentoring clients. It provides a structured 8-step model and provides a mentoring tool kit.

It is based around four modules, with progression to the last module based on performance in the first three.

This course is recognised by the Association of Business Mentors

Dynamiqe Change

Further details on this course will be available shortly.


Course Design 

The unique thing about Pivomo’s approach is that we blend several action learning techniques into an overall pedagogic strategy, that enables you to achieve pragmatic results in your project work.

Each course is structured around a Ten-step Model:

  1. Pre-reading / Orientation
  2. Learning Needs Analysis
  3. Setting Your Learning Goals
  4. Video Tutorial
  5. Live Group Web Conferencing
  6. Peer-to-Peer Exercise
  7. Assessment Exercise
  8. Feedback
  9. Reflective Journaling
  10. Certification