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Pivomo Development Advisor 



Focus your learning on areas that really matter

The Pivomo Development Advisor* works seamlessly with the Dynamiqe Psychometric tool. This means that you can click through from any one of the top development priorities in your Dynamiqe report and access a world of personalised learning:

Step 1: Complete Your Dynamiqe Psychometric Tool


Step 2: View The Top Priority Development Table In Your Dynamiqe Report 

Screenshot 2015-08-09 08.02.23

Step 3: Click On Any Of The Priorities And Start To Play!


Access dozens of pages of learning resources, with links, tools, exercises and videos. Rather than trying to learn everything at once, be selective and go deeper into the areas that will really matter to you. This will likely be something that takes you towards your target entrepreneurial profile, which is why the integration with the Dynamiqe psychometric is so important.


The Development Advisor provides you with a tool that gets you to where you want to be. Imagine having a learning resource in your pocket which you can access at any time anywhere, giving you real time on target support you need to be effective in the moment.

  • Detailed tables advising on how to build, sustain or reduce a specific entrepreneurial value relevant to you
  • Tools, resources and links that provide you with a deeper understanding
  • Change guidance on how to implement each specific step

For example, if you decide that being more inclusive towards others is a key priority in your start up, you no longer have to plough through lots of text books, or scroll blogs, or even wait until your next mentoring session in a fortnight. You can now go directly to well researched and curated materials that provide you with exactly what you need to know right there on your browser or mobile.

The Development Advisor requires a Premier Membership via the Sign Up menu. This will enable you to access the Development Advisor landing page.

*For Standard Members, accessing the Development Advisor requires an upgrade to Premier membership (click here)