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Dynamiqe is an easy-to-use online application that helps you chart your steps to entrepreneurial success

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What is Dynamiqe

Dynamiqe generates self awareness and social understanding, which are both essential for developing the leadership skills needed for growing a sustainable and thriving venture. With higher self and social awareness, we are more likely to adapt our behaviour to the situation and inspire others to break through self limiting beliefs.

Dynamiqe is a psychometric instrument based upon five years of research into different entrepreneurial profiles, using a grounded method that drew upon  transcribed recordings of mentoring and coaching sessions with entrepreneurs and start up founders from all over the world.

The Benefits of Dynamiqe

Dynamiqe supports entrepreneurs, founders and change-makers to achieve a number of outcomes:

  • Clearer and more realistic personal and business goals
  • Stronger start up teams
  • Better alignment and commitment of co-founders

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Dynamiqe is a powerful analytical tool when used at the individual level, but really comes into its own when co-founders and team members can share their results.

This triggers a dialogue and creates a common understanding amongst the team. This can help surface difficult value differences and enable them to be addressed before they can derail an otherwise promising venture.


How Does It Work?

The Dynamiqe Tool is the result of five years of grounded research involving entrepreneurs from all over the world. This research project, conducted at the Institute for Work Based Learning at Middlesex University, was the basis for developing a contemporary psycho-social model of entrepreneurship, based upon three interacting factors:

  • Mindset
  • Social relationships
  • Work style


The research and the Dynamiqe model have been further tested and revised through with the support of numerous world class institutions, such as Central St Martins, London School of Economics and Birkbeck, University of London.

The research resulted in the development of a unique questionnaire format using sliding scales was developing, drawing upon language used by entrepreneurs in the original research.

The sliding scales are used to indicate a preference for one value in contrast to another.

Critical Reflection 

The Dynamiqe Questionnaire is much more than a quiz.Question Slider Sample .001

It is reflective tool that will help you think about who you are as an entrepreneur and where you’re going. Dynamiqe presents the summary analysis in the form of a “spider diagram” showing the Users current and target entrepreneurial profile plotted on  x/y axes.

In the detailed Dynamiqe report full members receive, there is a 12-14 page analysis featuring a number of key insights.

Key Features

Your Aside from the profiling chart shown above, one of the key outcomes from the Dynamiqe Psychometric Tool is a prioritized table showing your own unique development priorities.


Development Priorities – Highlighting the attributes that you need to build, sustain or reduce to achieve your target profile

Entrepreneurial Profile – Supported by specific definitions and detailed descriptions

Item Response Analysis – Showing the detailed responses to each question

Our unique psychometric tool, Dynamiqe™ supports entrepreneurs, founders and change-makers to ask fundamental questions of themselves and others.

This results in the following:

  • Awareness of our own mindset, motivation and behaviours
  • Clarity about others needs and expectations
  • Understanding about the context  and likely impact of our actions

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What Next?

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When you have done this, there are many ways you can get the most from your Dynamiqe Profile:

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