The Rock Solid Challenge 2016


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Date: Saturday 12 March 2016      Time: 10:00 -16:00     Location: Cambridge

Pivomo are issuing a challenge to all top start up teams

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Top Universities, Companies, Incubators and Accelerators are sending their prize wining teams to an interactive “Assessment Centre” style contest. The event will help toughen teams up for what is to come and provide a fantastic learning experience for highly motivated emergent start up teams.

The Rock Solid Challenge is open to both equity based start ups and social enterprises.

The competition will require each team to demonstrate both effective start up team capabilities and investment decision-making prowess. The performance of each team will be judged by a panel of experts according to a balanced set of criteria. At Pivomo, we believe that having that ability to see an opportunity from different perspectives is the key to entrepreneurial education and this will be reflected in the way the panel assesses the results.

The Rock Solid Challenge builds on a series of successful workshop events conducted at the NACUE, London School of Economics and with the Alacrity Accelerator.

Alacrity Accelerator “Product teams” experiment and test out ideas, observed by the “Investor teams” 


Student entrepreneurs at the NACUE Leadership Summit 2015, completing  Spatial Dynamiqe, a warm up exercise for the Rock Solid Challenge



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Applying for Rock Solid Challenge

As the Rock Solid Final is limited to only four teams, each team will need to apply by sending a short focused application statement (500 words max) demonstrating how their team would benefit from participating in the Rock Solid Challenge. Participation in a preliminary Rock Solid Challenge round at University or Accelerator will be an asset. Also, teams will be encouraged to draw upon their team analysis of their Dynamiqe Psychometric results in preparing their statement.

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LSE Generate Rock Solid Workshop

Rock Solid Challenge Activity
Teams will have to both design, produce and pitch a product to fellow teams, but also decide the best investment opportunity from competitor team. So teams will be judged on their ability to work effectively under “stress” conditions, but also their capacity for making sounds investment decisions. This is not just a pitching contest…Teams will be required to go through a full start up and investment cycle under ambiguous, competitive and time intensive conditions.

The Judging Process
A final presentation takes the form of a Founder Statement, where you convince the panel that you are able to reflect on the day’s experience and draw powerful lessons for your entrepreneurial journey. This capacity to adapt and learn, and to listen and respond to feedback, will be some of the key factors that will be evaluated. The judges will also share notes and their observations from throughout the day, so that a fair and balanced judgement can be made.

The key question the panel will address is this:

Which team has demonstrated the greatest capacity to develop into a successful start up team?

Rock Solid Challenge Prizes .002Benefit to Participating Teams

The payback to each team is the opportunity to get major national exposure and live feedback from the experienced Observer/Mentoring team. Teams will get lots of bragging rights and get direct exposure to investors.

Next Steps

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  • Are you a start up team interested in participating?

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Eligibility and Rules

To enter, teams need to fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Teams need to be nominated in writing by their University, Enterprise Hub or Accelerator, by 31 January 2016. (via email:
  2. The gender and ethnic diversity of the team will be taken into account and additional points awarded, where this asset is properly leveraged.
  3. All participants must be at least 18 years old, on 31 January 2016
  4. Each participating University, Enterprise Hub or Accelerator will be charged £495, payable by 31 January 2016.
  5. Each participant will be required to complete the Dynamite Psychometric Profiling tool, with a three month membership and unlimited use (each participant will be charged a one off membership fee of £9.99).
  6. Maximum of 8 team members, who must be either students, or recent graduates (within three years of their graduation).
  7. Each team can be accompanied by one mentor from their University, Enterprise Hub or Accelerator.
  8. The team must be new and pre-funded start up.
  9. It is not necessary for the participating team to have either a business idea or business plan. The exercises and challenges will be set by Pivomo and the judging panel.
  10. The Judging Panel will evaluate the participating teams according to both quantified and qualitative criteria and their decision will be final.
  11. All participating teams will be provided with a written summation from the Judging Panel within 31 days and also invited to attend a debriefing session via web conference