Startup Simulator

The game where you start a business and learn to lead it​

The Pivomo Startup Simulator is designed as an educational gaming tool for startup founders, social entrepreneurs and change leaders.


It is a valuable tool in the following situations:

  • Critical thinking support for individual founders
  • Tool for teams analysing their dynamics and decision-making effectiveness 
  • Enterprise communities and entrepreneurial educators building awareness of the startup process.

The game requires the player to select a mission, and navigate through a series of strategic choices, common to all start up founders. The choices presented relate to the following pivotal decisions: 

  • Mission
  • Mindset
  • Social Preferences
  • Work style 

The player will get rewarded with advice and networking connections if they make a choice that is aligned to their mission. They will be blocked and asked to think again if their choice seems misaligned with their mission.  

Sample Dynamiqe profile feedback

The game is based on the Dynamiqe™ Entrepreneurial Profiling Tool, currently in use by thousands of entrepreneurs, universities, mentors and tech hubs around the world. 

Prior to meeting each of the characters in the game, the player will need to complete a small challenge. Like any startup, the founder will need to hunt around and find information before progressing to the next stage. 

The game is populated by characters all entrepreneurs and founders are likely to need in any startup journey. Each character will ask incisive questions, give feedback, and point to another contact in their network. 

Stuart, the mentor

Sally, the business owner

Jas, the designer

Jessica, the lawyer

Maggie, the investor

At the end of the game, the player meets Stuart their mentor, to review their journey and get feedback. They can find out their initial entrepreneurial profile.

They are then given the following options:

  • Return to the beginning to explore a different journey
  • Watch a short movie
  • Link to complete the free version of the Dynamiqe profile 

Love the Dynamiqe tool
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I really enjoyed going through this process and learning more about my mindset as an entrepreneur. I will be taking the full Dynamiqe and look forward to a more in-depth review of the process. Nice job, Pivomo!
Riham S.
A great game for founders
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This is a great game app for startup founders. It really makes you think. I like the way you get tips and advice on the way round. Love the movie at the end!
Alex M.
"A fun tool"
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This game is a great and fun tool for learning about your entrepreneurial role. A must-have for those involved in a startup or interested in doing so.


Click “Download” button on upper right of Dropbox page, NOT the download folder
Then follow your own computer’s on-screen instructions 

Follow links to download and install from the game stores

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Find out what its really like to start a business by venturing through an immersive 3D world on your own startup adventure. You’ll discover a lot about yourself along the way.

Get advice and feedback from your mentor Stuart, as well as investors, lawyers, designers and other biz owners, and take those “bet the ranch” decisions about the future of your business. To start, simply create your character and then choose your startup goal.

Depending on the goal you’ve chosen, you’ll meet a series of characters who will ask you questions about your startup venture. They will then give you feedback and advice based on your answers.

You will then take decisions about the direction of your startup venture. But don’t worry, you can get tips andhelpful advice along the way.

At the end of the game, you’ll discover your entrepreneurial profile – what kind of entrepreneur you are and how you lead a new venture.

If this doesn’t feel right, you can return to the beginning and explore another route that might suit you better.

Finally, you can then either watch an explanatory movie or follow the links to the Pivomo site, where you can complete your Dynamiqe™ psychometric profile and access a rich toolkit for entrepreneurial learning.

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