Starting Afresh? Welcome to the new Academic Year! 

To those of you returning to a new academic year, the whole team at Pivomo are wishing you the very best! We hope we can continue to support you to grow your entrepreneurial  activities alongside your academic studies.

Low angle view of business team on starting line in the office,

Entrepreneurship is now a vital life skill – use it!

Many of you will have left University this year and are either starting work or seeking that big first step. We know some will be working on start up projects or social enterprises.

Remember, Dynamiqe can help you develop the entrepreneurial behaviours that you need to be effective now, whether it’s your own company or whether you are working in someone else’s.

Entrepreneurship is  increasingly valued by customers, clients, coworkers, employers, teachers and sponsors. Your ability to get new projects started and execute them effectively is a key life skill.

As you start the next chapter, let us help you grow.

To celebrate the start of the new year, we’re offering a 50% discount on a 3 month Dynamiqe membership – just £4.99 (incl.VAT) to help fine tune your entrepreneurial skills! 

Just click here and use the code StartingAfresh

Team Pivomo