Sarah’s Story: From Creative Entrepreneur to an Enterprise Director

CreativeSarah is 28 years old and is a talented artist and designer. She graduated from a leading art college four years ago. Since then, she has had many commissions and has always seemed busy. But, while her work was highly thought of by her clients and her peers, she has struggled to make ends meet on the fees that she was able to  charge. Aside from feeling a bit used by her clients, she has also felt rather lonely at times.
She has now decided to focus on her dream of building an artist collective, bringing together diverse creatives in one place in order to project art into the public arena and reclaim disused public spaces and poor urban environments. She feels passionately that art can make a difference. In this way, she also hopes to build a more lasting legacy and contribute to society in  a meaningful way.
This project will also allow her to bid for larger projects and by combining with others, and she hopes it will enable  her to press for higher fees and diversify into other sources of income. She is exploring ways to crowd fund some of the activities, and investigating EU or government enterprise funds to help get her venture off the ground.
Sarah has only recently begun to even think of herself as an entrepreneur, and would have reacted negatively to the associations with the word just a few months ago. Yet, she is not motivated by money and wants to stay true to her purpose. She is immersed within the creative community, and enjoys involving others as much as she can. Yet to succeed in her venture, Sarah now needs to develop beyond being an independent creative.
Sarah needs to articulate a longer term vision of the collective enterprise that will inspire others to invest time and energy to make the venture work over the longer term. She needs to develop a strategy to generate sustainable revenue and manage costs, such as the physical work space for the community. She needs to start building a network organization, which can attract other partners to help her run it. She needs to market the new venture to potential donors and sponsors. She has to work out a fair way of distributing fees for those involved, recognizing that there will be different types of contributions from various people.
In short, Sarah is in a dynamic transition from being a Creative Entrepreneur to being a Director of an Enterprise, and is discovering new sources of motivation and competency that she was previously not aware of. Deep down, Sarah will always be an artist, but that does not limit her and she, like all of us, can find sources of growth to enable us to transcend beyond our immediate circumstances and develop into a fuller, more rounded entrepreneur with unbounded potential.

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