Renew, Upgrade, Refresh! 30 Day special offer to Dynamiqe users

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Pivomo has launched a range of new personalised eLearning products and services over the past few months and also substantially upgraded Dynamiqe, and we would like to invite all users to come and try them out! 

We have set up a special discount 50% for current and past users, so you can both renew your Pivomo subscription and/or upgrade to Premier membership.

50% discount on renewal + 50% on Premium Upgrade

Simply use the following discount codes to take advantage of this special deal:

Renew Entrepreneur Standard @50% discount:Standard30DayOffer

Upgrade to Entrepreneur Premium:Premier30Dayoffer

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So what’s new?

The Development Advisor

Screenshot-2015-08-09-08.02.23Did you know that if you go to your Top Priorities table in your Dynamiqe report, you can click directly through to  a dedicated page in Development Advisor, providing detailed development advice, resources, links, tools and videos?

How cool is that!?

Dynamiqe V3.0

Screenshot-2015-09-18-16.21.52 (1)Looking back over the past year has made us realise just how much has changed. There are new definitions, enhanced support pages and clearer explanations. There have been at least three substantial revisions to Dynamiqe, with new questions, new graphics and improved

Thank you to all the angels, mentors, founders, entrepreneurs and educationalists who have helped us so much over the past 18 months. We would love to hear about what you think of the changes and any suggestions you might have for how we can get even better.


roylastlastlast-2Andrew Atter

Founder & CEO


Cambridge, England