Pivomo welcomes Social Storm as a new partner!

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Pivomo is proud to announce a new partnership with Social Storm, a global competitive hackathon taking place in November 2015, involving up to 15 leading universities worldwide during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Social Storm 2014

Social Storm 2014

Pivomo will be providing a range of value adding services that enable the student entrepreneurs to get a much richer learning experience:

  • Access to Dynamiqe Psychometric; a unique research based psychometric tool, helping participants generate self and team awareness; and access insights on how they can build a great start up.
  • Training for University Mentors so that they can support the hack-teams more effectively during the event
  • Expert clinics during the 24 hours to provide ongoing support (Red Bull on tap!).


Sample Dynamiqe Graphic

Sample Dynamiqe Graphic

Social Storm aims to provide a platform for young people to connect, collaborate and innovate on solutions to global issues. Through an annual hackathon style competition they bring together a dynamic mix of young people, from world leading universities, for 24 hours.

Using software such as Skype and Google Drive to communicate, teams are compiled of participants from at least two other universities. Each team is tasked with generating ideas for a sustainable, commercially viable solution to resolve a global issue, before pitching their solution to a panel of judges. The hackathon challenges participants to apply theory to resolving a real life social problem, through an out of the classroom, experiential learning activity.

In 24 hours during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014, 8 universities from 5 countries and over 100 young people collaborated in 20 teams. Their goal was to help tackle the UN Millennial Development Goal of access to Primary Education, and a lack of creativity within education.

Social Storm’s co-founder Helen Ots says that “Enabling participants to develop greater self-awareness is an About2-226x300important part of the educational experience of a Social Storm event. Developing an understanding of their own individual work style and mind set will help them to identify their ideal team members, and resolve any potential conflicts within the team.  I’m looking forward to working with the team at Pivomo to enhance each participant’s personal development, and hopefully see some amazing solutions coming from great teams!”

Pivomo Founder and CEO, Andrew Atter says: “At Pivomo, we’re just passionate about supporting early phase entrepreneurship so this fits right in line with our core mission. We want to encourage universities to get their entrepreneurs out of classrooms and into real-time learning activities”.

Social Storm 2015 will be taking place over 20-21 November, connecting over 15 universities, 200+ participants and a network of mentors to tackle a global social issue. Pivomo’s Dynamiqe will play a pivotal role in helping participants to analyse their individual mind set, relationships and work-style, ultimately building a stronger team.

Find out more about Pivomo: https://pivomo.com and @pivomo

For more information about Social Storm visit www.globalsocialstorm.org or follow them at @socialstormhack