Pivomo Road Tested at Central St Martin’s

IMG_0410For the very first time, a team of young designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world studying on the international business innovation course at Central St Martins were able to road test the alpha version of the online entrepreneurial profiling tool, called Dynamiqe. Read more…

Based on four years of doctoral research at the Institute for Work-based Learning at Middlesex University, the tool enabled each student to build of a profile of the kind of entrepreneur they were today, and target the attributes they needed in future. Not surprisingly for a group coming from all corners of the globe, the instrument showed the diversity of different types and sensitively picked up individual preferences.

The group openly shared their results and this led to a healthy debate about the trade offs between being single minded and focused, versus being open to new opportunities; and between being free and autonomous and being in collaboration with others.

These innate dilemmas are common to all entrepreneurs.

The instrument integrates three key processes:

  • The mental process (our mindset)
  • The social process (how we relate to others)
  • The work process (how we get things done).

For instance, the factors relating to mindset indicate how reflexive an entrepreneur is compared to others who are more driven and instinctive.

The research has shown mindset magnifies and reinforces the other factors.

At the end, each member of the group identified three things they would work in to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Ultimately, entrepreneurs are pragmatists and Pivomo helped them get down to business.

In addition to the insights gained from individual report and the team facilitation, follow up individual coaching has now being provided.