Pivomo in the Guardian

Pivomo was delighted to receive extensive recognition in a Guardian article describing the contribution we made to Social StormScreenshot 2015-12-05 13.11.37

This is an extract from the Guardian article (Thursday 3 December):

“The great thing about Social Storm is that it’s not about winning or creating a great solution to a problem, although hats off to you if you can, it’s about the whole 24-hour journey,” said Mary Symons (a participant).

“I was able to discover more about how I operate within a team, and I was able to practise the art of recognising how others are working and the associated challenges and benefits of bringing different working styles together.”

The technology used throughout Social Storm included…Pivomo, a dynamic assessment tool….which individuals used to assess their style, match teams and further understand how they function as a team. 

Pivomo founder and CEO, Andrew Atter, said: “At Pivomo, we’re just passionate about supporting early phase entrepreneurship so this fits right in line with our core mission. We want to encourage universities to get their entrepreneurs out of classrooms and into real-time learning activities.”

However, the article doesn’t quite grasp the difficulty of the challenge. Each person was allocated to a team, spread across three locations and in most cases, involving a foreign university. The task therefore was build teams and get aligned quickly around a major goal, with the task to produce a coherent pitch after 24 hours. This was not easy. The challenges were as much human as technological.

Here is the blog on how Pivomo was used to support the project:

Learning at the heart of the Action

The engagement from the student, staff and mentors was amazing (many working through the night!).

What came through though was the energy and creativity of young people, and their capacity to to work together in new ways.

It was a real privilege to be involved.

roylastlastlast-2Andrew Atter,

Founder & CEO, Pivomo