Pivomo Goes Global with New Team Members in US, India and Philippines 

At Pivomo, we’re delighted to welcome three new team members – Elise, Sumesh and Claire – who will support Pivomo Users and start up communities around the world.

Dynamiqe is Global .001

Dynamiqe™ now has User communities around the world

Their role will be to provide information and target research to our existing users, while helping them to find the right membership package. Pivomo now has thousands of Users from Silicon Valley to Sydney and it is important  we support them in their own culture and timezone. This is why we are so pleased to welcome the new members of our team. Pivomo now has associates in six countries and cover all the major timezones.

Elise, Sumesh and Claire all bring valuable new skills to the team. Here is a quick summary of their experience:

Elise Rosier 

170209_AMW0064 copyBased in Advance, North Carolina, Elise has a degree from Appalachian State University in Public Relations and Political Science. Elise also has experience working in the not-for-profit sector for the Humane Society of the United States. Elise conducted research, as well as providing outreach and communications support.

Elise can be contacted at the following:


Sumesh Acharya

AAEAAQAAAAAAAApJAAAAJGQzYWVjNWMxLWU1ODMtNGQzZC1hOTU0LTVlM2I3NTY5OTBiZg copyBased in Vadodara Area, India, not far from Mumbai, Sumesh is highly experienced technical support operations. He holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from Sardar Patel University.

Sumesh can play an especially important role for us in supporting the burgeoning tech sector in India

Sumesh can be contacted as follows:


Claire Fernandez

FernandezClaire copyClaire is based in Eastern Visayas, Philippines and has had a long career with the Philippine government in the Department of Information and Communications Technology, supporting regional agencies, the private sector, local communities and social enterprise activities. Claire has a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the University of the Philippines.

She is currently venturing into Digital Marketing while continuously enhancing her skills through online courses in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization.

Claire can be contacted as follows:


Please welcome our new members and contact them to find out how Dynamiqe can help you and your start up build strong high value start ups.

Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo

Dr Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo