Pivomo: Empowering Entrepreneurs Worldwide

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In universities, accelerators and enterprise hubs, Pivomo is disrupting the way mentoring is delivered and placing powerful online learning tools directly into the hands of entrepreneurs (literally, our app is mobile friendly) without having to wait till their next sit down with their mentor.

Now, entrepreneurs are enabled to take fact-based decisions about the human dimension of their business (starting with themselves!).  This awareness helps founders build sustainable teams and make a stronger case to potential investors.

At the same time, entrepreneurial mentors are using our tools to provide innovative services to their clients and to take their conversations to a deeper level. Pivomo tools help entrepreneurs and founders reflect on their mindset, social preferences and work styles. Mentors can play an important role helping their clients interpret these vital determinants to the success of their venture.

In only three months, we have established a User base from Sydney to Silicon Valley. As one Sydney based entrepreneur said:
“Pivomo provides me with a private space to think through where I am going; and then work out the level of support I need”


Crucially, Pivomo’s tools invite entrepreneurs to think about themselves now and also into the future. This strategic perspective enables entrepreneurs to be more prepared and agile when meeting those unpredictable challenges which inevitably come up in the start up journey.

  • Pivomo tools deliver years of mentoring guidance and strategic insight into instantly available viewable/downloadable reports
  • Start-ups can access tools that facilitate conversations about sustainability and resilience (See case study)
  • Entrepreneurs can now coach each other (with the support of expert tools) rather than being dependent on finding a mentor to help them
  • Entrepreneurs can decide when and how they are mentored and what kind of mentoring they need
  • When entrepreneurs work with their current mentors, they do so with a more considered and empowered voice
  • We backup our tools with regular web feedback sessions to help users get the most out of our tools.

Pivomo tools are now in use at world leading entrepreneurial universities such as University College London, London School of Economics, University of Hertfordshire, Manchester University, University of Pisa, Hong Kong Poly University; together with the Alacrity Foundation in Wales.

With the forthcoming launch of our Pivomo Associate Accreditation Programme, we intend to expand access to one of our Accredited Associates around the world, providing more choices and options for entrepreneurs and more research-based tools at the disposal of their mentors.

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