NACUE SEC 2016: Fuel for Founders


Because we’re just so excited about going back to the NACUE Student Enterprise Conference 2016  we’ve lost our marbles and started to give free passes away. Last year’s event in Liverpool was amazing and we this year it can only be bigger and even better.

If you are at the NEC make sure you find our stand and we can give you a free weekend pass to use Dynamiqe™

Look out for our banners and read about our campaign:

Fuel For Founders 

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Pivomo’s eLearning platform does not only provide you with useful tools in a convenient way, it is radical new way of personalised learning that can inspire and energize you for your start up journey.  

At Pivomo, we think that learning is not just about picking up useful tools and techniques. This is sometimes called instrumental learning. This might include things like SEO skills, legal and accounting knowhow, IP Protection, etc. Useful, and necessary, but this kind of learning falls well short of what is actually needed for founders. Learning is about deepening the resources you can draw upon for the entire start up journey and beyond.

We believe that learning is about creating who you are. It’s existential. It’s not enough simply to be self aware. Entrepreneurs moving from a University or a company need to have the capacity to re-create themselves in an environment of high uncertainty and ambiguity.

This kind of learning is transformative.

Who are you?

Learning needs to inspire us. It’s the fuel that founders need to have to keep going through the tough times. Learning deepens the inner resources we can draw upon. The most important source of learning is about yourself. Who are you?

Next, comes learning to understand others, sometimes referred to as social intelligence. As a founder team, it’s vital you are able to build trust, read each others signals and grow and learn together. For example, who does what? How do your roles and contributions change over time? And, who takes a lead in certain areas as opposed to others? Our model is based on the premise that the Driver, Director, Dealer and Creator roles will need to be filled by someone during the life of a start up. Ultimately, this will affect how you divide up equity and take decisions  as a start up company. This is what we mean by learning-in-depth.

After that, you need to learn how to tell your story to others, investors, partners, and customers so that they can go with you on the journey. What are your values and ethics as a company? A start up brand is very much a reflection of the mindset and values of the founders. Our Dynamiqe instrument helps you to define what these are.

Transformative learning is not something that you can pick up in a workshop or read in a blog. Find out more about how eLearning can transform the way you learn and provide you with the tools you need to learn-while-doing. 

Dynamiqe™ Psychometric

Sample Dynamiqe ProfileBased on five years of doctoral research, Dynamiqe is now in use in over 20 universities across Europe and also in leading tech accelerators. The tool helps you set your personal strategy as an entrepreneur and also align your short-to-long term goals with your co-founders. The tool facilitates in depth dialogue amongst founder teams and can identify and help resolve potential derailers early on.

Development Advisor eLearning Platform

Screenshot-2015-08-09-08.02.23Your Dynamiqe profile generates a personalised Top Priority list of development areas which link directly into the Development Advisor. This enables you to access rich resources in a way that is specific and relevant to you.


Mentor training & accreditation

DMAP Summary.001We are passionate about raising the game of mentoring generally. We train and accredit mentors around the world and set the bar high, so that you know you’re working with someone who can really make a difference to your start up success.

We look forward to seeing you at NACUE Student Enterprise Conference 2016!



Andrew Atter

Founder & CEO


Cambridge, England