Mentornity and Pivomo announce Partnership 



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Mentornity and Pivomo are delighted to announce that we are partnering together to deliver a unique range of mentoring and e-learning services to entrepreneurs, start ups, mentors, coaches, incubators, tech accelerators and high growth businesses of all types. 

Mentornity (link) is a communication and management platform for incubators, accelerators, alumni networks, universities or organisations which have mentoring and coaching programs.

Pivomo provides psychometric tools for entrepreneurs, founders and start up teams, and an e-learning platform supporting entrepreneurship and start up mentoring. Pivomo also has a recognised training and accreditation programme for start up mentors. 

By partnering, Mentornity and Pivomo can provide a one-stop-shop for managing mentoring programmes,  delivering a unique combination of services:

  • Easy—to-use cloud based mentoring management system, enabling mentees and mentors to be matched and the mentoring relationship to be tracked and supported;
  • Open access to a research-based psychometric tool and on-line development advisor that delivers a “mentor-in-your-pocket” experience, enabling founders and entrepreneurs to self coach and learn in real-time
  • Pivomo can add value to the Mentornity platform by training and certifying mentors, enabling mentees to source the best mentors and enhancing the brand reputation for the University, accelerator or incubator
  • Pivomo’s tools also provide a research base for tech accelerators and incubators, enabling the learning and development of entrepreneurs and start-ups to be tracked over time

Our shared mission is to enable more entrepreneurs and growth businesses succeed. Both firms believe that human development is at the heart of entrepreneurial success. Together, we can add value to the entire start up eco-system:

  • Founders and Startups have a better chance of success and reduced rate of failure
  • Accelerators, Hubs and Incubators can better manage their cohorts of founders and entrepreneurs and can focus on what they do best 
  • Investor funds will be better directed towards those firms that are genuinely able to learn and adapt. 

Both Pivomo and Mentornity will continue to remain separate legal entities and support our customers and clients as now. However, the new partnership represents an opportunity to expand our offerings in new ways. 

Please join us to find out more. Sign up for our introductory webinar or message either firm to find our more details.  Click here!

Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo

Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo