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Excellent News for all Dynamiqe Certification Training Participants!

Pivomo is delighted to have been appointed as an Approved Training Provider with the Association of Business Mentors (ABM). We look forward to being an active partner of ABM in professionalising the mentoring role and widening access to a community of well trained and experienced mentors.

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Programme Overview 

The Dynamiqe™ Mentoring Certification has been developed to support entrepreneurial mentors who want to deepen and enrich their mentoring relationships with starts ups, social enterprises and new businesses of all types. Dynamiqe™ Certification Training is designed for mentors from diverse backgrounds; either as start up founders themselves, coordinators of start up communities or professional business mentors and coaches. Dynamiqe™ Certification trains participants in core methodologies that strengthen the mentoring relationship, and underpin the “learning alliance” that is the essential quality of mentoring.

For organisations that provide mentoring to their programme participants or community, Dynamiqe™ Certification Training provides a quality assurance process and ensures that mentoring can more effective in supporting your organizational goals.

Innovative eLearning Design 

Dynamiqe™ Certification Training comprises the following elements:

  • 100% online, via video tutorials, web tools, interactive web conferencing and one-to-one feedback
  • An Action Learning methodology, designed to show results in the mentors work with clients
  • 12-16 hours of expected study time
  • 90 day course programme
  • Four web conferences, designed to demonstrate and practice mentoring techniques.
  • Continuous process of critical reflection via a Reflective Journal
  • Accreditation via the assessment of a recorded mentoring session and completion of a Reflective Statement
  • Individual feedback at the beginning and end of the programme
  • Access to a monthly web conference mentoring forum upon completion.
DMAP is based on a structured four phase learning design, delivered over 90 days via web conferencing and online tools

Dynamiqe™ Certification Training is based on a structured four phase learning design, delivered over 90 days via web conferencing and online tools


Embedded into Dynamiqe™ Certification Training is the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool, designed to enable founders and business owners to critically reflect on the strategic direction of their venture. Those accredited through Dynamiqe™ Certification Training are given an access code that enables them to use the Dynamiqe tool in their own mentoring and training work and earn money while doing so. The Dynamiqe™ tool is now in use in more than 20 Universities and 12 countries around the world, with thousands of users worldwide.

Fee Schedule 

Participants will pay in three stages, depending on how far they progress in the programme:

Stage I: Admission (£25 incl. VAT)

Stage II: Training Modules 1-3 (£175 incl. VAT)

Stage III: Certification Module 4 (£50 incl. VAT).

What you will learn?

  • How to build a Learning Alliance with your mentoring clients
  • Ongoing use of the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool to empower clients
  • Mentoring role definitions
  • Use of an 8-step mentoring methodology
  • Greater ethical awareness of the role of mentoring

Dynamiqe™ Certification Training enriches your own development as a mentor and supports your life long learning goals.

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