Introducing Pivomo

A Radical Manifesto for Delivering  Online Entrepreneurial Mentoring

home-communityOur Vision
Pivomo is a people analytics company providing decision support tools for entrepreneurs. Pivomo has developed a radically new approach to online entrepreneurial mentoring, based on a unique set of analytical and decision support tools, available in web and mobile formats.

We want to help entrepreneurs use people-related data to formulate good strategy and enhance business performance. We want to help entrepreneurs design their future and take informed strategic decisions:

  • About the future of their venture
  • How they build teams and networks
  • How they develop themselves as an entrepreneurial leader

Our vision is to use our research, technology and learning methodologies to empower the 400 million entrepreneurs around the world:

  • We want more of them to succeed
  • We want to help them grow their incomes
  • We want them to achieve greater sustainability.

Our Mission
Our mission is to support entrepreneurs meet the challenge cogently defined by evolutionary biologist, Gregory Bateson:

“The rate of learning must equal or exceed the rate of change”.

Pivomo believes that entrepreneurs must be agile and adaptable, enabling them to pivot at key moments in the life cycle of their venture. Entrepreneurial agility requires more than randomness, luck and guessing. Anticipation, preparation and social intelligence are critical to pivoting effectively, particularly where teams are involved.

Finding a mentor or coach to support this type of learning is very difficult. At Pivomo, we believe that this calls for some creative destruction.

We plan to disrupt the way mentoring is currently provided and ensure access to mentoring is shared more widely. We want to democratize the provision of mentoring and use a crowd-based models to open up the mentoring experience to those beyond the elite universities and affluent city centres.

At Pivomo, our mission is to provide ALL 400 million entrepreneurs around world with 7/24 access to expert tools, mentoring advice and crowd insight. To do this, we have to step outside privileged environments and our existing mental paradigms of how mentoring works, and design solutions for the way things will work in future not how they have been done in the past.

AboutOur Proposition
By combining good research, useful technology and innovative learning methodologies, we can make a difference in three ways:

  • Research validity
  • Personalised insight
  • Deeper connectivity

Research validity
Rather than rely on old-school personality models, we have conducted our own research amongst a diverse population of entrepreneurs from around the world and discovered fresh insights into the contemporary issues faced by entrepreneurs (read more…). At Pivomo, we have researched and worked with in depth with a diverse community of entrepreneurs from around the world. As a result, whether you are a Silicon Valley start-up, a Shoreditch maker or a Hong Kong fashion house, Pivomo provides relevant, personalised insights.

Personalised insight
Rather than sit in class or read generic blogs, Pivomo’s tools target learning specific to your profile. Pivomo’s tool-kit generates critical reflection and incisive feedback that can increase your social awareness and enhance your strategic thinking.

Deeper Connectivity:
Rather than simply chat web tech with other entrepreneurs, we provide an opportunity for deeper dialogue with people who share a similar learning journey to yourself; and are likely to be facing similar develop challenges. We facilitate this dialogue by community based meet ups, webinars and by innovative online learning material.

Our First Product
Our first product is Dynamiqe. Designed for a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs, Dynamiqe  provides you with a profile of yourself (and your team) so that you can understand what kind of entrepreneur you are today, and how you might need to change in future.

Entrepreneurs will value the ease of access and relevance of these tools
Experienced business mentors will value the psychological insight Pivomo tools provide;
Trained psycho-dynamic coaches will benefit from the applied real-world issues the tools address.

Our tool kit is available on either web browser or via a mobile device, so that you can get access to mentoring and coaching anytime, anywhere.

Our membership packages enable you to complete this instrument as many times as you like, so you and your team can track progress and see how you evolve through time. This is because we believe learning is applied experience and experimentation through time, rather than being a one off event. It allows you to talk with your team, mentor and other advisors, make changes and track how you are doing.

Our value premise is in part the analysis the tools themselves provide and also the stimulus they give to peer-to-peer dialogue and in deeper discussions with mentors and other advisors. Pivomo tools provide a language and framework for transformational learning to take place.

Soon, different cuts of the Dynamiqe database will be available:
Track different reports along your own timeline
Compare profiles within your team
Compare yourself to samples within the database
Access an anonymised database of learning suggestions from other users with similar profiles

Watch this space and help us learn too.

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