Gender Dynamiqe

We have been taking a good look into our User database and we are noticing some interesting things.

There does seem to be a difference in the frequency of distribution between men and women in relation to the four different profiles. Men seem to be more preferenced to  Creator and Dealer styles, whereas Women are preferenced to Dealer and Director styles. Based on item responses, this pattern suggests male entrepreneurs enjoy being immersed in the product, while female entrepreneurs gain most satisfaction from networking and opportunity development.

Gender Dynamiqe.001

It is also interesting that when asked which entrepreneurial profile the User would like to develop in future, 59% women preference the Driver profile, as opposed to 41% of men. This might suggest that women are keen to make their voice heard and take a more “up front” role in running their venture.

This is on a small sample of 65 Users, and we will continue to analyze further the whole database. We will also analyze the more detailed question items  to see whether there are patterns in specific responses.

It is important to stress that these are only indications and tendencies…Pivomo believe all men and all women can do anything!

The analysis was completed on 7 April 2015.

We hope you find this snapshot interesting.

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