Five Changes Over Last Four Years

Thank you so much to all my friends for the warm wishes on Pivomo’s 4th anniversary! It’s been so much fun and by far the greatest pleasure has been working around the world with brilliant people (and mostly younger, more energetic than myself;)

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Even over 5 years, there’s been a several significant shifts in the field of entrepreneurship.

  1. Start ups increasingly face the paradox that as cloud, block chain and machine learning technologies become much more accessible and ubiquitous, then differentiation, scaleability and traction become harder.
  2. Female entrepreneurs are beginning to break through in greater numbers, and I’m pleased that Pivomo was quick to highlight this through the gender sampling within the Dynamiqe tool. Pivomo has been privileged to work with many great female founders such as Riham Satti, of MeVitai. But my impression is that funding opportunities are still far too focused on geographic and social elites, and if we can make entrepreneurship still more inclusive we will benefit from more breakthrough ideas.
  3. There’s less hype, naivety and much more scrutiny around new ventures, which is healthy; with “lean” approaches encouraging greater prudence and rigorous in start ups. At the same time, breakthrough innovations in biotech and AI are slower to arrive than anticipated; often due to change management drag, social constraints and user acceptance.
  4. Social entrepreneurship and social activism has grown in prominence and there are now really creative overlaps; especially in emphasising the need for a genuine social purpose in any venture. This is true even for start ups that are unapologetically commercial in orientation.
  5. We’re getting much better at educating entrepreneurs, through action based learning methods and blended approaches. Even a few years ago, e-learning tended to mean online video lectures. Now, we understand much more that e-learning requires blended approaches, combining tools, work exercises, group dialogic, mentoring, stimulating bitesized content and reflective journaling. Putting this together in the right way is stretching our understanding of learning design.

Pivomo were delighted to contribute to the EU Commission’s EntreComp User Guide:

Click for EntreComp User Guide

It’s been great working with Katerina Kanelidou, MA, PCC¬†who has been using the Dynamiqe tool in a multi country University based coach training project.

We still have lots of work to do to improve the success rate of start ups and new ventures. We still need to focus much more on the development of leadership and social intelligence as a basis for successful entrepreneurship.

I still think this is the next frontier for Pivomo