Dynamiqe™ Psychometric Tool

What is Dynamiqe™?

Dynamiqe is an easy-to-use web & mobile application that helps you design your start up. Based on Pivomo’s own researched model of entrepreneurship, Dynamiqe generates unique insights into how founders, entrepreneurs and change leaders set their strategy and define their roles. Ultimately, founders want to build cohesive and sustainable start-up teams. 



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Mapping Your Start-Up Journey

Please take a look at the Dynamiqe™ Profiling Model above. You can see how the two dimensions of Social Preferences (Autonomy – Collaboration) and Work Style (Strategic – Emergent) intersect to create four entrepreneurial archetypes: 


Introducing the Dynamiqe™ Entrepreneurial Profiling Model

The magic ingredient in our algorithm is Mindset, which is right at the heart of the Dynamiqe™ model. This determines how much of each profile you are at any given time. So have a go…where do you think you fit in the model? As importantly, how do you think you’ll need to develop in the future. By identifying the gap between your current reality and your desired future, Dynamiqe™ creates a learning “map” enabling entrepreneurs of all types to address three key questions: 

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you need to be?
  • What role do you and others need to play in order to grow the venture in the right way?

Perhaps when you look at the Dynamiqe™ Model, you feel that you are a mix of different profiles. If so, what’s that like? A bit complicated perhaps. Don’t worry. The Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool and e-learning platform is designed to help you get to where you need to be. 

Mindset 3.001Social Preferences 2 .001Work Style 2 .001



The Benefits of Dynamiqe™

Dynamiqe™ supports entrepreneurs, founders and change-makers to design their venture:

  • Set your strategy, define your roles and identify potential gaps
  • You can set clearer and more realistic personal and business goals
  • You can build a stronger start up team, with risks of derailment identified and managed
  • You will achieve better alignment and commitment with your co-founders

Dynamiqe generates self awareness and social understanding, which are both essential for developing the leadership skills needed for growing a sustainable and thriving venture. With higher self and social awareness, we are more likely to adapt our behaviour to the situation and inspire others to break through self limiting beliefs. The key is having a clear alignment around purpose, along with the capability to act with agility. 

Dynamiqe is a powerful analytical tool when used at the individual level, but really comes into its own when co-founders and team members can share their results. This triggers a dialogue and creates a common understanding amongst the team. This can help surface difficult value differences and enable them to be addressed before they can derail an otherwise promising venture.

How Does Dynamiqe™ Work?

It’s completed in just 3 Quick Steps:

Step 1: Set up your Account & your Dashboard

Step 2: Complete Your Questionnaire

Step 3: Generate your Dynamiqe™ profile 

The Dynamiqe™ Questionnaire presents the choices set out above in a slider format, easily accessible on a mobile phone. You are also asked to compare your “Current” and “Future” states.  The questionnaire prompts critical refection. You can note down comments under each question in the comments box below. 


Questionnaire Sample


The results are presented in a 12-14 page report. A key part of this is the “Spider” diagram (see illustration). This compares your current and future profiles. 

Screenshot-2015-09-18-16.21.52 (1)



You can keep track of all your Dynamiqe reports and other tools from Pivomo via your personalised Dashboard. You can create and share your Dynamiqe profile, enabling you to engage your network in new and interesting ways.

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What does Dynamiqe™ give me?

A three month membership with Pivomo provide a with a range of unique benefits that are just not available anywhere else:

  • Unlimited use of the Dynamiqe™ Entrepreneurial Profiling Tool, one of very few psychometric instruments specifically designed for entrepreneurs and change leaders  
  • Dynamiqe™ delivers a detailed 12-14 page report direct to your browser, tablet or phone, so you can view or download it direct to your device
  • Dynamiqe™ is shareable over social media, enabling you to chat with your network about the results and helping your venture to get attention  
  • Dynamiqe™ delivers specific learning and personal development advice, enabling you to grow your leadership and entrepreneurial competencies

By allowing you unlimited use during your membership period, you can complete Dynamiqe as often as you like. This allows you to use Dynamiqe to chart your journey and make strategic decisions as you go.

What’s Next?

If you want to go deeper in to the learning implications of your Dynamiqe™ profile, you can upgrade to our Premier membership and access the personalised Development Advisor™.  This tool gives you access to an online learning library of tools and development resources, personalised to your Dynamiqe™ profile. This can be accessed either via your Dynamiqe™ report, or via your Dashboard. 

For more information on the Development Advisor™, click here

You can also sign ups to a range of e-learning programmes designed for entrepreneurs. For more information, click here.

 The Research Background To Dynamiqe™

How Was Dynamiqe™ Developed?

The Dynamiqe™ Entrepreneurial Profiling tool is based on six years of applied entrepreneurial research combined with our team’s direct personal experiences of starting companies, mentoring founders and serving on a board of a listed company. The research project, conducted at the Institute for Work Based Learning at Middlesex University, was the basis for developing a contemporary psycho-social model of entrepreneurship. 

Dynamiqe™ is based on a worldwide database with User communities at leading Universities around the world. The model has been enriched by working collaboratively with world renowned academic institutions and leading edge technology accelerators. 

So what did we found out? 

Well, we discovered that entrepreneurs needed better support in making the pivotal decisions they face every day, as they grow their venture from just an idea towards a sustainable organization. 

Just consider a few of the dilemmas that we heard entrepreneurs struggling with: 

  • Do I grow my leadership skills or technical competencies? 
  • How do I balance rapid sales growth with long term planning?
  • How do I protect my IP while sharing ideas with others? 

At Pivomo, we’ve found out that the key to understanding this is through mindset, social preferences and work style. 

Entrepreneurs must learn at pivotal moments, when they are forced to choose between competing options. Entrepreneurs need help in real time. Classroom teaching is too abstract and books take too long to consume.  At Pivomo, we want to fulfil this need by delivering on-target, real time learning directly to you, when you need it. 

By understanding how you resolve these dilemmas at pivotal moments in your start top journey, you can build up a clearer picture of your own entrepreneurial profile, and the profile of your co-founders and team members. This allows you to take better decisions and anticipate problems along the way. 

Dynamiqe is Global .001

The research and the Dynamiqe model have been further tested and revised through with the support of numerous world class institutions, such as Central St Martins, London School of Economics and Birkbeck, University of London.

The research resulted in the development of a unique questionnaire format using sliding scales was developing, drawing upon language used by entrepreneurs in the original research.


Key Features

Your Aside from the profiling chart shown above, one of the key outcomes from the Dynamiqe Psychometric Tool is a prioritized table showing your own unique development priorities.

Development Priorities – Highlighting the attributes that you need to build, sustain or reduce to achieve your target profile

Entrepreneurial Profile – Supported by specific definitions and detailed descriptions

Item Response Analysis – Showing the detailed responses to each question

Our unique psychometric tool, Dynamiqe™ supports entrepreneurs, founders and change-makers to ask fundamental questions of themselves and others.

This results in the following:

  • Awareness of our own mindset, motivation and behaviours
  • Clarity about others needs and expectations
  • Understanding about the context  and likely impact of our actions


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Next Steps

When you have done this, there are many ways you can get the most from your Dynamiqe Profile:

  1. Share it with your team
  2. Discuss it with your Mentor
  3. Access a Dynamiqe User Forum: Click Here

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