Dynamiqe in a real world setting

The NACUE Leadership event is nearly arrived and we’re putting the final preparations for a great Workshop event, called Dynamiqe Spatial.


Young entrepreneurs getting ready for the NACUE Leadership event

The Dynamiqe Spatial Workshop provides a real world experience and will mirror closely our research-based software tool – Dynamiqe – which generates a Current and Target entrepreneurial profile and provides guidance on how to close gap.

Dynamiqe is one of the very few research-based tools available for entrepreneurs to help develop their entrepreneurial leadership skills and plan their key development steps. It is grounded in our own recent research into the contemporary start up scene.

Delegates will move around an open space and select key words from the Dynamiqe model, laid out across the floor space. They form “triads” and together think about their personal strategy as entrepreneurs: Where are they now? Where are they going?

They will share stories and see the similarities and contrasts in different entrepreneurial journeys. They will experience the dilemmas and tough choices entrepreneurs need to make – under time pressure.

This will be a great way to get some of the UK’s top young entrepreneurs thinking about What’s Next!

If you can’t make the NACUE event, but still want to understand your Dynamiqe profile, simply visit pivomo.com and complete your online assessment.