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Dynamiqe Mentoring Accreditation Programme enhances the quality of mentoring  entrepreneurs receive, and enriches the professional experience of the mentor


The Dynamiqe Mentor Accreditation Programme is designed to provide a deep learning experience for entrepreneurial mentors.

DMAP equips mentors  with the competencies and tools they need in order to have powerful conversations with individual entrepreneurs and start up founders, using the Dynamiqe psychometric instrument in support.

Learn to utilize Pivomo’s Eight Step Scientific Mentoring Method to enhance your mentoring and deliver better outcomes to your clients!

D-MAP  enhances the quality of mentoring in enterprise hubs and accelerators, improving the experience of resident entrepreneurs and start up teams and provides a new way for mentors to engage with entrepreneurs so they enrich their own experience and gain more insights

With improved mentoring relationships, we can minimize the risks of start up failure and derailment.


Who Should Participate? 

Entrepreneurial mentoring takes place across a wide spectrum of roles. Therefore DMAP  is designed with many different types of mentoring in mind:

  • Accelerator Managers
  • Mentor programme managers
  • University Enterprise Managers
  • Professional business advisor
  • Mentor Coaches

DMAP provides common platform that can be used by anyone who partially or wholly works as a mentor; and whether they charge fees or offer services ex-gratia




Programme Overview


DMAP Programme Wheel .001

D-MAP is based around a programme of expert webinars, individual feedback and coaching skill training. You will also gain access to ongoing support via case reviews and coach-the-Mentor programmes. You will be invited to complete and receive feedback on your own Dynamiqe profile.



  • Your will gain greater professional satisfaction through richer mentoring experierances.
  • The brand of your enterprise hub, accelerator or incubator will be enhanced.
  • You will gain access to the latest entrepreneurial research.
  • You will join a global cadre of expert mentors and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • You will develop proficiency in the use of the Dynamiqe instrument for use in your own mentoring and coaching practice, or in your educational work in a University or College setting.



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