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Pivomo provides real-time action learning tools for entrepreneurs. Pivomo enables you to learn while doing. Pivomo takes the learning support out of the class room and delivers it directly to where you need it most.

Go deeper, adapt faster

Development Advisor™ works seamlessly with the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool. You can click on any of your Top Priorities in your Dynamiqe™ report to access a world of personalized learning resources tailored to your own Dynamiqe profile. 

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The Development Advisor enables entrepreneurs like you to learn at pivotal moments, when you are forced to choose between competing options:

  • Do I hire people I trust personally or those with proven skills?
  • How do I balance rapid sales growth with long term planning?
  • How do I protect my IP while sharing ideas with others? 

As an Entrepreneur, you must not only be aware of the options open to you, but also critically reflect on your experience.  This enhances your awareness and agility when you next need to take a pivotal decision.  With Pivomo, you always have your “mentor in your pocket”, giving your access to real-time learning.  

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In the Development Advisor, you can access an entire library of learning resources, with links, tools, exercises and videos. Rather than trying to learn everything at once, be selective and go deeper into the areas that will really matter to you. This will likely be something that takes you towards your target entrepreneurial profile, which is why the integration with the Dynamiqe psychometric is so important.

Dynamiqe Overview.001Based on the Dynamiqe™ psychometric platform, Pivomo provides access to a range of blended learning tools, all accessible online:

  • The Dynamiqe™ Entrepreneurial Profiling tool charting your start up strategy and the key roles you and your founders will need to play
  • Your Dynamiqe Development Advisor™ enabling you to access a library of resources tailored to your Dynamiqe™ profile 
  • Access to a global network of Certified  Dynamiqe™ Mentors who can help you understand and interpret your Dynamiqe™ results and sign post you to the right resources. 


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