Cultural means that the identity, values and shared beliefs which shaped your early upbringing and development determine your approach to the venture, often prompting an automatic or default approach in high pressure situations. 

In terms of the Dynamiqe model, the Cultural attribute is associated with a Driven mindset. This results in the preferred entrepreneurial profile being emphasized and focused, rather like light through a lens. 

Most of us introject cultural norms and attitudes as we grow, taking in signals from our family, authority figures and role models. Also, myths, legends and stories are very powerful too. This process results in certain cultures and micro-cultures having a higher propensity towards entrepreneurial behaviours, and some lower. For example, although UK culture might be typically seen as somewhat curious, analytical and professional, this is not necessarily true of the “East End Barrow-boy” culture associated with markets and stock trading in the City of London. 

Unless we critical reflect upon our own preferences, we are likely to default into these cultural norms. This might be either positive or negative. It is generally best however to be able to consciously design your own approach to entrepreneurship, and make decisions based on the needs of your project. 

What are your cultural defaults and impulses? What do you bring with you into your project from your cultural background? How can you ensure you are critically reflective about what drives you?