Entrepreneurs Learn While Doing

Pivomo decision support tools for founders, entrepreneurs and change leaders provide real time insights when new ventures need to take the small steps and make the big leaps. The key is delivering the learning insights when and how you need them.

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Real time on line learning for when you take small steps and big leaps

Pivomo  psychometric tools and online Development Advisor allow entrepreneurs to learn while doing. It shows them how to build the parachute on the way down. It helps them design and track their roadmap as they go.

There are three unique things that the Pivomo eLearning Platform provides:

  • A psychometric tool called Dynamiqe, that aids critical reflection and boosts self awareness
  • Continuous, real time access to an eLearning platform, with rich resources, links and tools
  • A research-based model for designing your start up trajectory

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Critical Reflection – It All Starts With You

To understand how radical this solution is, let’s look at the challenge of entrepreneurial education from the entrepreneurs point of view.

As an entrepreneur you seemingly need to know so much, and all at once. As soon as you have a business idea you are confronted with some difficult questions: How to nurture your idea and protect it? What’s the market? Who to work with? How to go to market and so on?  Every question seems to impact another. So where to start?

An orthodox educational curriculum typically starts with the basics and moves through progressively to more advanced subjects, as part of a structured and sequential learning plan. This makes sense and helps you absorb the knowledge in a planned way, particularly with the support of mentoring and coaching.  

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Teaching and mentoring are valuable in helping you develop your capabilities and understand what is needed. However, you still need to make the decisions for yourself. You decide where you are going and what you want to achieve. The answers to these questions lie within you. Pivomo’s decision support tools help you to critically reflect on what the answers might be and highlight the implications, in your own time and at your own pace.  

For example, how do you divide up the equity between partners will be a key question that often has to be revisited. Your decision will reflect both your personal values and drives, as well as the needs to attract and retain a strong founder team.

Dynamiqe fosters adult conversations about these issues early on, to avoid later rupture and venture derailment. 

Dynamiqe provides you with your “Current” and “Target” profile so you can see how you might approach these questions now and in the future. For example if you are a Driver profile, you might well prefer to keep your equity highly concentrated in your own hands. On the other hand, if you are a Director profile you might prefer to share equity amongst a more diverse founder team.  Like so many other entrepreneurial challenges, there isn’t one right answer to the question of how to distribute equity.

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Tracking Your Entrepreneurial Journey

While it is quite common for new entrepreneurs to work creatively on new ideas, focusing on the product, others may see a market opportunity for which there is no current solution. The first of these profiles, in the Dynamiqe environment,  is called  “Creators”; the second “Dealers”.

You might be motivated by a powerful vision to change something. To “make a ding in the Universe” as Steve jobs once said. This is indicative of the “Driver” profile.

Finally, some entrepreneurs approach the venture analytically, even scientifically, carefully constructing founder terms and engaging in market research, business planning, etc. This is what we refer to as the Director profile.

Not only is it useful to know early on in your entrepreneurial journey what profile you are, it is useful to know how it changes over time. This makes you aware of the  tacit assumptions you make and opens up other possibilities.


For example, some entrepreneurs can become too analytical and over complicate things (a common “Director” problem). By becoming aware of this via Dynamiqe, an entrepreneur can rebalance towards a Dealer profile, focusing much more on responsiveness to emergent opportunities.

In this way, entrepreneurs can enhance their overall agility in response to external events, while staying in control of their general direction.

Continuous Access – Entrepreneurship is Both Complex and Non-Linear

As a new entrepreneur how do you gather all this knowledge and apply it to your specific circumstances? You might have attended a great workshop two weeks ago, and you are due to meet your mentor next week. But how do you get supported NOW as you are in the middle of a key decision or pivotal moment?


As a Pivomo member, you get continuous access to the Dynamiqe platform. With Premier membership this includes its library of development resources. You also can compare your profile with others within your start up team. This can help identify and resolve potential derailment risks early on.

Another advantage is that by enhancing your own ability to critically reflect on your entrepreneurial journey, Dynamiqe will enable you to get more out of your mentoring and coaching conversations. It does this by engaging you in tough questions that you will need to address. You can therefore use it to prepare for your work with your mentor and coach. 

In this way you can track your progress over time, repeating Dynamiqe as often as you like. New questions will come up and you will respond differently as your view evolves.

We have a global network of trained and accredited mentors and coaches who can support you in your time zone and can be accessed via web conferencing. 

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By providing you with a powerful research-based tool, you will be better placed to be clearer in your own mind about where you stand on complex and difficult dilemmas that all entrepreneurs face. This blended learning approach leverages the best of online and offline learning lights up the future of entrepreneurial education. 
Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo

Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo