E-learning Study Guide


This programme is designed to provide participants with an initial overview of Pivomo courses, and then move beyond this to examine the challenging issues involved in designing learning programmes for lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, and adaptation to the 4th industrial revolution. 

Participants will be provided with a good overview of the last research, theory and current practice in this field. 

This module will help participants summarise all the programmes and modules available via the Pivomo e-learning platform, and understand the design principles and links between them. 

The course will show how the Dynamiqe psychometric tool can be used to target learning needs, both for individuals and groups. 

The module will use the “Krueger Framework” for understanding g the transition from teacher-centric to Learning-centric approaches. 

  • Informal Learning Theory
  • Action Research 
  • Expansive Learning
  • Field Theory – to – Rubicon Model 

This module looks specifically at how to design and integrate mentoring and coaching into entrepreneurial learning programmes. 

Learning outcomes:
  • Awareness of how e-learning can be used to meet a wide variety of learning needs
  • A deep understanding of learning entrepreneurial research and applied practice 
  • An understanding of the wider implications for life long learning, digital citizenship, and Industry 4.0