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This course will help gamers design and build games that scale, while providing the startup skills needed to grow a viable business.

This programme is designed for gamers and game designers who want to develop from an independent freelancer into a owner of their own branded studio. 

The game is unique in viewing game designers as entrepreneurs, who need to grow a practice and build a business. 

Also, the programme is based on action-learning, so we’ll be supporting you to design and deliver a real project. 

Only Pivomo has access to the Dynamiqe™ Psychometric Tool that undermines the entrepreneurial module. 

You will how to see yourself as an entrepreneur, developing your strategy of how to grow your business.

You learn to work to a structured methodology of game design that will help you more easily delegate work to other freelancers and to scale your business. 


To receive a completion certificate, you need to have attended 3 out of 4 zoom classes. 

At the end of each of the 4 modules, you will need to have uploaded your submission for the mini-assignments. 

You will need to have completed and presented your gaming project by the completion date.

Extensions can be requested, in writing, prior to the submission deadline, explaining the circumstances. Approval may be given for up to 30 days, taking into consideration your overall contribution to the programme.  

You will also be expected to contribute to the live zoom classes, offering suggestions and feedback to other students. A merit can be awarded for those who offer an outstanding contribution to the learning of the group as a whole. 


Aside from the learning and career enrichment from the programme itself, you will receive the following:

  • A certificate of completion 
  • A digital badge (for use in social media)
  • Posting and blogging through our own social media channels

Enrolment Form

Enrolment Form

To enrol, please complete the form below and tell us more about yourself. Aside from getting you know more about you, the information will be used to ensure that we uphold our equality and accessibility policies.  

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  1. Pivomo is committed to providing an open and inclusive learning environment for learners of all abilities. 
  2. As part of our admissions process, we would identify each individuals learning goals and also ensure that we identify anyone with special needs. 
  3. We ask applicants if they have disabilities or special needs on the application form and we keep track of these statistically.
  4. If there are learners with specific needs, we would approach this on a case by case basis and do our utmost to accommodate them on the programme. Our programmes are normally designed relatively small class sizes, of about 10-15, so we can often accommodate individual needs.  This allows the faculty to adapt to different individual needs to a much greater extent than is the case in more traditional training events.
  5. The blended eLearning approach of DMAP is ideally suited to those with physical disability and mobility issues, as the course needs only access to a computer with broadband or wifi connection. 
  6. There is no requirement to travel or attend any events in person. 
  7. Furthermore, most of the necessary materials are presented in both audio visual format, aiding those with visual or auditory impairment. 

The Pivomo eLearning platform meets the needs of a rapidly expanding population of entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses, either out of necessity or due to desire for greater freedom and control over their careers. It is clear that a new generation (“Gen Z”) learn in new ways, drawing heavily upon their preferences for online applications and peer-to-peer interactions.

The Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool is a key part of the Pivomo eLearning platform, which is designed to support early phase entrepreneurs grow their businesses and build sustainable start-up teams.

Launched in beta in November 2014, the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool is already in use at 20 Universities across Europe, for example in the London School of Economics. It is also being used by tech accelerators, such as VC Nest in Hong Kong, UK-Lebanon Tech Hub and Alacrity in South Wales. A cohort of professional mentors have been trained and accredited in the use of the instrument, located in San Francisco, UK, Greece, India and Hong Kong.

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Gamers can really benefit from startup skills, enabling them to grow a freelance practice, studio or network. This course will support you to develop a practical project, and apply startup skills.

The programme uses a blended approach, incorporating different learning activities, ranging from live Zoom classes, psychometric tools, video tutorials, online lectures and practical project work. 

  • 90 day programme
  • 4 modules, with audio/video tutorial/slide share 8-12 slides each
  • 4 live zoom classes (I moderate/tutor, you deliver learning content)
  • Invite guest gamers to share experiences
  • 4 practical activities
  • Work on your gaming project 
  • Come up with a game idea which you think would work in the current market after researching market trends. Plan the idea with basic concept drawings, include any progression/story elements which will be used to retain the player.
  • Create a basic Games Design Document (GDD). Outlining the development plan for the game including any concept art along with deadlines/milestones for each phase of the project.
  • Create a social media presence, as well as a catalogue of posts (videos, images etc), prepare a pitch/ for publishers/journalists.
  • Plan updates for the game, keep in mind what you will update and how often the release will be. Additional features (DLC), improvements to the game through community/market feedback should be taken into account.

At the end of this course, once the learners have completed the activities above, they will be well placed to have everything they need to get started with their game business. The main goal is to give them all the tools to launch a successful game but also build the thought processes required to have repeated success with their future releases.

Usman Salim, BSc 

Programme Director 

Usman is a graduate of University fo Bradford and has founded his own gaming studio. Usman has also developed and marketed his own games on the IOS and Google gaming stores, with users and clients around the world.

Dr Andrew Atter

Course Tutor 

Andrew is a learning designer, board mentor and entrepreneur, who has founded businesses in Europe and Asia. He has been a member of the board of a listed company and served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Birkbeck, University of London. He holds a doctorate in work-based learning. He is founder of Pivomo

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We’ve curated a gallery of TEDTalks, which we believe will be helpful to all gamers in thinking about their market offerings and their scale plans

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