Exploring Dynamiqe

This course is designed for Dynamiqe Users who want to understand more about the tool, and would like help in applying the results to  every day entrepreneurial activity.  

In this lesson, we look at the context of entrepreneurship, why Dynamiqe was created, and who the target Users are. Specifically, we look at the global challenge of supporting more rapid entrepreneurial learning in the age of AI. We will look at existing approaches  to entrepreneurial education; and we will highlight why Dynamiqe is different. 

  • The broader meaning of entrepreneurship, as part of the concept of digital citizenship
  • The unique challenges of entrepreneurial learning 
  • From teacher-led to learner-led entrepreneurial education
  • From “life-cycle” to “dynamic states” approaches to entrepreneurial learning 


The lesson will then go on to how it is designed and constructed. In particular, we will look at the following core elements of the Dynamiqe model:

  • Mindset
  • Social Preferences 
  • Work-style 
  • Role Profiles
  • Dynamiqe attributes

In this module, we look more deeply into the Dynamiqe Profile results, and how you can interpret and use the different sections. We will then explore how you can take the next steps to plan and follow up on developmental actions.