Dynamiqe Start Up


Dynamiqe Startup is a 90-day intensive online startup programme, including founders to the core concepts and methodologies needed to build a startup, with a strong focus on applying the learning to a real startup project.  

The outcome is a short video presentation and business model canvas, that is “pitch ready” and can provide the basis for initial discussions with investors and/or competition entry. 

The purpose of this model will be to define the terrain and introduce many of the core ideas that need to be considered in order to develop a unique and a coherent business model. 

In this module we will be using the Dynamiqe psychometric tool to analyse startup roles and understand mindset, social preferences and work-style. 

Participants will be introduced to the Workbook, with activities reflecting the different startup roles. 

Participants will be introduced to the Fair Share model which examines how and why equity is located, and highlights the implications of different options.

This module will focus on short & long term growth strategies. 

The Module will bring all the threads together, and require the participants to rehearse their final presentations and discuss their Business Model Canvas. 

Dynamiqe Startup is designed to provide a platform for founders to work on an actual provide, and access pragmatic tools and methods, along with peer-to-peer support. 

The key outcome is a business that is ready to go! 

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