Dynamiqe Change

This course is designed to help larger and more established organisations build a more entrepreneurial work culture, and identify practical ways in which innovation and change can be fostered. 

The Dynamiqe psychometric tool will be used as a framework for action, supported by practical tools and applied techniques.  

The module will overview different models of entrepreneurship and how they might apply to larger organisations 

The module will provide a practical exercise to identify the right entrepreneurial profile and key attributes to fit with the target work culture. 

This module will drill deeper into the role profiles, with practical exercises highlighting the attributes of each role. 

Whereas in traditional organisations we talk of change management, the approach in entrepreneurial organisations is to unfreeze structures and generate disaggregation, competition and disruption.

The module looks at practical approaches for making this happen.  

Learning outcomes:
  • Develop a practical understanding of how a large organisation can become more entrepreneurial 
  • Provide pragmatic tools for identify work culture, role profiles and entrepreneurial attributes that enable entrepreneurship to flourish 
  • Personal change strategies for participants, so they can apply the models and tools inside their organization.