Big Year, Great Plans

We at Team Pivomo owe a big thank you to all our Users, Mentors, Partners and Educators who have really helped us grow and stretch during 2016, making this a big year for all of us.

Girl jumps across the gap to the New Year 2017 at sunset

Even more than this, we have had countless suggestions, ideas and “off-the-wall” comments that have helped us build some exciting plans for 2017.

We are now clearer than ever that Pivomo has a vital role to play in supporting founders and entrepreneurs make strategic decisions about the direction of their venture (link). In 2017, we all need to work towards increasing the start up success rate and enhancing their sustainability.

First, let’s look back at our growth story…

A Year In Review 

  • More than 10 x fold increase in our active User base, from 450 to 5,500
  • Several block membership deals with partner organisations
  • Trained mentor base from 3 to over 20
  • Activity grew from 7 countries to 22
  • Dynamiqe users now in over 20 leading universities



Pivomo has been busy developing our presence in key universities, enterprise organisations and technology hubs. We began the year as little more than a research project, with a new website and lots of goodwill from “early adopters”. We have ended the year expanding globally and extending into new areas of decision support, eLearning and on line accreditation.


We relaunched the newly redesigned DMAP 2.0. combining eLearning and applied learning in order to significantly boost the impact of mentor education.

The Dynamiqe Mentoring Accreditation Programme (DMAP) was substantially overhauled and expanded, and benefited greatly from the involvement of leading Universities such as the LSE as well as tech accelerators, such as UK Lebanon Tech Hub SA.  These partnerships have enabled us to change the way mentors are trained and accredited within organizations.



I was honoured to Chair the UCL Symposium on Mentoring, helping to understand what the term really meant in the entrepreneurial context. I was joined by Karen Hands, one of our accredited mentors. See link 

Deconstructing Mentoring (UCL Symposium): From left, Paola Cuneo, Robyn Dooley, Helen Ots, Karen Hands

Deconstructing Mentoring (UCL Symposium): From left, Paola Cuneo, Robyn Dooley, Helen Ots, Karen Hands


Began a research project with Anglia Ruskin University, helping them to use Dynamiqe to understand the needs of the 200+ Enterprise Hub participants. See (link) 


New DMAP cohort begins, with further major upgrade to the programme. And we got great feedback!



Presented with Dr Simon Best (Middlesex University) at the Loughborough University Enterprise Conference


Brexit. Along with most entrepreneurs and tech businesses, still in therapy!


I had the great honour to receive my doctorate from the Institute of Work based Learning, University of Middlesex. This was followed by a lovely party with family, friends and work colleagues.


I was delighted to attend the UK Enterprise Educators Conference, held in Liverpool, meeting educators from all over the world. The conference also gave an impressive overview of the rapidly developing field of enterprise education and helped us understand more about the needs of the tertiary sector.


Pivomo was part of a panel at the LSE discussing the implications of the Brexit vote for entrepreneurs and start ups.  We highlighted the need for greater agility and increased sustainability during periods of uncertainty.


In November, we had the pleasure of partnering once again with Social Storm, during which we provided the Dynamiqe platform to all the student entrepreneurs across 7 countries and over 20 universities. We also trained the mentors and educators using a special DMAP-lite. (See link)


I also had the privilege of presenting  at the London Business School.


Pivomo moved to Liverpool, with our new office opened up in the Corn Exchange right at the heart of the city. This gives us access to the rapidly growing North West region, close to several major universities, lower costs and easy access to London.

The Year Ahead

What we’ve learned this year is that there are rapidly emerging new demands on entrepreneurial education that cannot be met by using the established methods. In particular, there seems a rising need to support start up founder decision making with sharper and more accessible online tools; and support this with online interactive learning.

With this in mind, Pivomo will be launching the following during 2017:

  • Another 10 x growth in our User base, with a target of 50,000 by end of 2017
  • A 10 x increase in our trained mentor base, from 20 to over 200
  • New decision support tools under development
  • An eLearning programme for entrepreneurs
  • A newly revised mentor accreditation programme, utilising the interactivity of eLearning
  • An improved web interface and UX design, making it much easier to access our range of services.
This will be a huge year for us. On behalf of Katerina, Karen, Ujjal and Pam, I’d like to thank you all for your support and look forward to traveling with you in 2017 and beyond!


Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo

Andrew Atter, CEO, Pivomo