Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society and Pivomo announce joint research project

Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society Research Project

Statement from Joshua Barnard, President, Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society

As we briefly alluded to a couple weeks ago, we have teamed up with Dr. Andrew Atter, Founder and CEO of Pivomo, an entrepreneurial eLearning platform.

I would encourage you to take part, so you may soon receive the most relative information and events to fuel your success. I cannot stress enough how much you will be directly and positively impacted by completing this questionnaire. This is a great opportunity for each of you to get access to an innovative learning tool, and contribute to the Enterprise Society at the same time.

We have also put together a short video clip to explain the reasons we are doing this, and the benefits to you.

Pivomo is delighted to be the research partner in this joint project to both understand the needs and motivations of society members of the Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society; and at the same time deliver useful enterprise eLearning tools to members.

The study is designed to understand all the diverse types of enterprise taking place in the Enterprise Society; from designers, coders, retail projects, through to software and tech startups, or those simply wanting to find out more.

The project will achieve a number of outcomes:

  • Provide Enterprise Society members with a useful psychometric tool (called Dynamiqe) that helps each participant to think and reflect on their entrepreneurial journey
  • Help the Enterprise Society understand the kind of people that participate in the Enterprise Society events and what kind of activities they need relative to enterprise and entrepreneurship.

By completing the Dynamiqe instrument, you will receive a 12-14 page document providing you with a detailed feedback report.  The report will contain several pieces of useful information:

  • Your entrepreneurial profile
  • Your Top Priority development needs
  • Detailed interpretative notes

The data will be aggregated and then analysed to understand the overall patterns and relationships in the data. This will be done confidentially and all your individual data will be protected. Please see our Confidentiality and Ethics Statement in the Dynamiqe questionnaire.

Completing the Survey Is Easy

Here are the instructions on completing the Dynamiqe tool:

  1. Follow the link 
  2. Click Sign Up in the upper right corner (See Appendix 1 below),
  3. Click “Select” for the option “Entrepreneur Standard” (See Appendix II below)
  4. Complete the account set up. In order to get around the paywall, and receive Dynamiqe absolutely FREE, you must use the Discount Code provided below. This code is only for you, so please do not share it with anyone.

Special code to get free access:

Refer to email

  1. Access your Dashboard and click “Create New Report”.
  2. Complete the 21 questions.
  3. Generate your first Dynamiqe report. This will be available via your Account Dashboard.

Please complete the questionnaire by 15 March 2016.

By the way, you can complete the Dynamiqe report as many times as you like. However, for research purposes we will take the latest version for incorporation into the data.

A Big Request

To maximise the impact of the survey and make sure the Enterprise Society can deliver the right services to you, we request that you complete all the questions in your Account Profile. To do this, return to your Dashboard, and click “Edit Profile”. Please complete all the questions that tell us more about the enterprise activities that you are involved in. This might just be “I’m curious,” all the way through to more experienced serial entrepreneurs.

If you would like more help with completing the Dynamiqe questionnaire, please email us at