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Benefits Standard Premier Mentor Accreditation

Dynamiqe™Psychometric Tool

Generate, download and share your Dynamiqe™ Results

£9.99 now.
Membership expires after 3 Months.


Dynamiqe™ Resources Centre

Access to rich learning resources linked to your Dynamiqe™ profile

£15.99 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.


Dynamiqe™ Online Learning

Pay non-refundable deposit towards total fee of £250)

£25.00 now.
Membership expires after 12 Months.


Why sign up for Standard Membership?

Dynamiqe™ membership will give you access to great benefits:

  • Unlimited use of the Dynamiqe psychometric tool
  • Map your start-up strategy
  • Identify your key personal development areas
  • Your own Dashboard allows you to create, store & share your Dynamiqe reports
  • View  Reports, with 12-14 pages of analysis and written guidance


By enabling you to build greater self and social awareness, Pivomo is supporting you to grow as an entrepreneurial leader

Why sign up for Premier Membership?

Go deeper into the Dynamiqe™ Resources Centre:

  • Seamless link to your “Top Priorities” in your Dynamiqe™ report
  • Development guidance on how to Build, Sustain or Reduce priority development needs
  • Access a curated library of development strategies, links, resources, and tools especially designed for entrepreneurs and change agents.
  • Understand your start-up team dynamics
  • Get coaching and mentoring tips


By linking you to deeper resources, Pivomo are helping you change and adapt faster

Why sign up for Accredited Membership?

Pivomo provides a range of online courses for entrepreneurs, mentors, start up founders and change agents.

  • Close gaps in key development areas
  • Access clickable, dynamic content
  • Access live interactive webinars with mentors and coaches
  • Certified mentor training programmes such as DMAP
  •  Access basic, intermediate and advanced programmes


By tailoring specific courses needed by entrepreneurs and their mentors, we enable you to learn while working on your project.