About Pivomo

E-learning for Entrepreneurs

The Pivomo eLearning platform meets the needs of a rapidly expanding population of young people wanting to start their own businesses, either out of necessity or due to desire for greater freedom and control over their careers. It is clear that this new generation (“Gen Z”) learn in new ways, drawing heavily upon their preferences for online applications and peer-to-peer interactions.

The Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool is a key part of the Pivomo eLearning platform, which is designed to support early phase entrepreneurs grow their businesses and build sustainable start-up teams.

Launched in beta in November 2014, the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool is already in use at 20 Universities across Europe, for example in the London School of Economics. It is also being used by tech accelerators, such as VC Nest in Hong Kong, UK-Lebanon Tech Hub and Alacrity in South Wales. A cohort of professional mentors have been trained and accredited in the use of the instrument, located in San Francisco, UK, Greece, India and Hong Kong.

The Dynamiqe™ Model

Dynamiqe™ provides an online application that prompts critical self awareness and personal reflection within the user. It is much more than a simple “tick box” attitude questionnaire. It presents genuine dilemmas and problems, that entrepreneurs themselves had commonly highlighted in their coaching sessions. 

The model is based on understanding the role each entrepreneur plays in a venture, and how that role is shaped by their mindset, social preferences and work style. The intersection of these elements creates entrepreneurial profiles: Driver, Director, Dealer, Creator

Our Research

Our view is that the education and training system is often still too wedded to traditional methods of teaching orientated learning, based on stand-up delivery from an expert teachers or trainers, sometimes supported by in-person mentoring and reference books. We have described this approach as applying 19th century solutions to a 21st century problem.

Dynamiqe starts from a different premise. We recognise that so much of current entrepreneurial activity is happening in real-time, with rapid shifts in technologies, markets and consumer needs. Start-ups by their nature seek to take advantage of this highly fluid and volatile situation. Founders and entrepreneurs have to learn how to do things that by definition, haven’t been done before. This is why traditional education is so poorly suited to their needs.

The Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool began life as a research tool, used to gather data on what was really happening inside a start-up, as the founder formulated an initial concept, built a team, developed solutions and sought funding to grow the venture.

We conducted extensive coaching and mentoring sessions with founders from around the world, ensure that just over half were women. The coaching and mentoring sessions involved both individual and group dialogue that probed deeply into the challenges, dilemmas and trade-offs that they faced as entrepreneurs. We recorded and transcribed these conversations, and then “coded” the results, so that a model could be developed that described and explained how entrepreneurs learned whilst they were growing their ventures.

About Our Founder

Dr Andrew Atter

Dr Atter holds Masters Degrees from the London school of Economics and Ashridge Business School; and a doctorate from the Institute of Work-based Learning at Middlesex University. He has served on the board of a start-up that went IPO; and has set up  businesses in Hong kong, Poland and the UK.

Dr Atter is also a qualified coach and mentor, working around the world with leading corporations, venture capital firms and start-up boards.

In working as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Birkbeck, University of London, he felt that we generally lacked the tools to develop and support entrepreneurs specifically. He decided to research and develop an entirely new set of tools, ground up, reflecting the needs of a next generation of technology-driven founders. He drew upon his ongoing work with start-up founders, as well as his coaching and mentoring.