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Dynamiqe™, learn to lead as your business grows

Dynamiqe™ is an online psychometric tool that delivers in-the-moment insight to founders, entrepreneurs, and change leaders. Dynamiqe™ analyses your entrepreneurial role and identifies the attributes that you need to sustain, grow, or reduce to realize your target profile.

  • Define your entrepreneurial role
  • Identify top priority learning needs
  • Build high-performance teams
  • Access bite-sized online action learning modules

Learn through experience

  • Learn to adapt in real-time, as you work on live projects
  • Heighten your social awareness and agility
  • Expand your team's capability to learn and grow together

Pivomo targets real-world learning needs; blending psychometrics, bite-sized tutorials, web-classes, online mentoring, e-libraries, designed around you and your venture. The ability of entrepreneurs to learn quickly and adapt fast is the only source of competitive advantage. Pivomo is an e-learning platform designed to enable founders, entrepreneurs, and change agents rapidly acquire scale-up competencies. It is now in use in more than 30+ multinationals, universities, tech accelerators globally, with 1000s of Users.

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Applied entrepreneurial learning

  • Explore your Dynamiqe™ results more deeply
  • Learn on the move
  • Get "Insight at your fingertips"

Development Advisor™ works seamlessly with the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool. You can click on any of your Top Development Priorities in your Dynamiqe™ report to access a world of learning resources tailored to your own Dynamiqe profile.

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Pivomo Applied entrepreneurial learning

Learn to lead, online

  • Catalogue of online courses
  • Learn to be a better leader, coach, mentor and more
  • Learn fast, adapt quickly

Whether you are starting a new business, setting up a social enterprise or leading organizational change, Pivomo has a suite of online learning courses that enable you to learn flexibly and in-depth while you’re working on your project. For Pivomo, online learning means more than simply posting videos on You Tube. Our courses use real-world techniques and mix-method learning design to ensure your learning makes a real difference in your work and life

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“Dynamiqe™ is a very useful tool for an ongoing evaluation of the strategic direction you are taking”

TioToys is a prize-winning Internet-of-Things startup. Co-founder, Mario Morello gave his view about Dynamiqe™

Pivomo DMAP is setting the bar for entrepreneurial mentoring

DMAP is setting the bar for entrepreneurial mentoring

“DMAP completely transformed the way we think about mentoring. It gave is fresh ideas on how to interact with our entrepreneurs and equipped us with exactly the right balance of skill and confidence to be engage with our students in a more impactful way”

Laura Jane Silverman

LSE Generate

DMAP and Social Storm paricipant